• Allocation of CO2 emissions (GLEC/ISO14083)

    When it comes to calculating emissions in a standardized way according to ISO14083 or the GLEC framework, many details are important. Whether it is the use of the correct consumption for own fleets or subcontractors, the consideration of the correct admixture of emission-free biofuels or the correct allocation of emissions to customers and stops, which usually deviates significantly from the own cost assignment.…

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  • The total score is not enough? Address field scores now available

    When geocoding larger amounts of addresses you can use the total score to decide if the top result should be accepted automatically, or if it needs manual interaction.

    In the new version PTV Developer Geocoding & Places API V1.7.0 we have now introduced field scores.…

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  • Welcome to our new PTV Developer Blog! 

    This is your space for all relevant updates and news about the PTV Developer APIs. Here we regularly publish articles about: 

    • New services and features 
    • New tutorials, code samples, and technical concepts 
    • API updates

    We have another blog dedicated entirely to PTV xServer.

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  • Attend our webinar (German Language) – Digitization of scheduling – with the help of integratable API solutions

    Today, digital and automated processes are needed to make all scheduling processes efficient and transparent. Intelligent software solutions are indispensable here.
    Whether it’s a suggestion function, fully automated route planning or cost-optimised routing – in this free webinar, we will look at the planning challenges in scheduling and show you how you can solve them with the help of integrable services.…

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  • PTV Developer Bootcamp – Register now! 

    In the live coding series, the Competence Center Logistics and PTV North America show how to code responsive webapps and mobile apps using state of the art technologies like React, Tailwind, Next.js, Flutter and Dart. 

    We show all the basics about the PTV Developer geocoding, mapping, routing, route optimization and map matching APIs integrated into modern applications. …

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  • Webinar: Optimise your logistics processes (german language)

    Date and Time 

    6. April 2022, 13:30 – 14:00 Uhr

    About the Webinar:

    • You are already planning your logistics processes with a software solution and would like to increase its performance even further?
    • Would you like to add logistical or geographical functionalities to a commercial software product and thus offer your customers an even more comprehensive service?

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