• Organise cross-border deliveries with OptiFlow API

    Do you want to organise cross-border deliveries efficiently or keep pallets intact? With task group constraints, you can ensure that tasks in the same category are scheduled one after the other or on the same route.

    In the new version of the PTV Route Optimization OptiFlow API V1.2.0 we added task groups as new task constraints.…

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  • Find eco-friendly locations with position matching

    In the new version of the PTV Developer Map Matching API V1.3.23 we added a new feature for the Position Matching endpoint. Position Matching tries to find the best matching road segment in the map for a given position.

    Now the Postion Matching return the information as to whether the matched segment is located in a low emission zone.…

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  • Rain or shine? We consider it!

    The operating range of electric vehicles is not only affected by its own properties like the battery capacity or the weight, but also by external factors such as temperature and weather conditions. Up to now, the Routing API of PTV Developer provides the possibility to set current weather data at each waypoint, which is considered for calculating electricity consumption.…

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  • The future of Urban Logistics

    We are excited to announce the launch of our new OpenStreetMap (OSM) services in PTV Developer!

    AI generated e-cargo bike

    These services are designed to meet the growing demands of urban logistics, particularly with the integration of cargo bikes.…

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  • New emission factors for ISO 14083

    Emission reporting is vital for tracking and reducing greenhouse gases, supporting regulatory compliance and building trust with stakeholders. With the Routing API of PTV Developer you can choose between several standards (ISO 14083, EN 16258, French CO2e Decree) depending on your needs.…

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  • Olympic Games showcase: security perimeters now available!

    The Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 will begin soon! As mentioned in a previous blog post, this major event will significantly affect urban logistics in Paris and its area for more than 2 months.

    For safety reasons, the authorities defined security perimeters (categorized by colors) around the competition venues.…

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