PTV Developer – First Release

We are happy to announce that the first release of PTV Developer APIs is now available to the public.

You can test PTV Developer for free by registering a MyPTV account and acitvating the product on the website.
By doing this you will gain 100k transaction per month for free to directly start testing. 

Available APIs and features

Geocoding & Places API 1.0.0

  • Feature: Finding locations based on an address specified as a single-field text input.
  • Feature: Finding locations based on an address specified as separate input fields.
  • Feature: Finding locations near a specified geographical position.
  • Feature: Finding places like shops or points of interest near a specified geographical position.
  • Feature: Returning the list of available place categories.

Raster Maps API 1.0.0

  • Feature: Tiled map rendering for an easy integration in a web mapping framework.
  • Feature: Selecting one of the provided map styles.
  • Feature: Selecting the map layers including different traffic situations and truck restrictions.
  • Feature: Selecting the language for geographic names or traffic incidents descriptions.

Routing API 1.0.0

  • Feature: Considering different waypoint types (on-road, off-road and route-manipulation).
  • Feature: Selecting one of the provided vehicles with the possibility to customize several attributes.
  • Feature: Considering the different traffic situations with an easy-to-use mode.
  • Feature: Providing three alternative routes in addition to the optimal route.
  • Feature: Providing detailed toll data (costs, sections and systems).
  • Feature: Providing emission data (CEN and French CO2 decree).
  • Feature: Providing events in chronological order (e.g. maneuvers, border crossings, toll).

Map Matching API 1.0.0

  • Feature: Matching a single GPS position to the road network of the PTV map.
  • Feature: Matching a complete GPS track to the road network of the PTV map.
  • Feature: Controlling the quality and performance of the matching by using predefined parameter sets.
  • Feature: Providing location information (country, city, street and postal code) for a single matched GPS position.
  • Feature: Recalculating a matched GPS track using the Routing API

Route Optimization API 1.0.0

  • Feature: Separate methods to create a plan, start the optimization, check the progress and get the optimized plan.
  • Feature: Multiple time intervals for depots, customers and drivers.
  • Feature: Heterogeneous fleet with vehicles varying in capacities and equipment.
  • Feature: Transports with a pickup and delivery location including the service time.
  • Feature: Calculating break and rest periods according to the European driving time regulation (Regulation No 561/2006).
  • Feature: Definition of location position in a trip, either first/last position or by numbers.
  • Feature: Vehicle profiles for EU, USA and Australia available.
  • Feature: Possibility to add tweaks to the optimization parameters.

Administration UI for PTV Developer

After registering for PTV Developer you will find yourself in the Administration UI for your product instance.

API Keys App

You will gain access to the API Keys App in which you can create, rename and delete API Keys which will be necessary to authenticate against the REST endpoints.

Contact Sales & Documentation App

Futhermore you can contact us by using the contact sales app or jump directly into the documentation to find Quick Starts, Concepts and Code Examples for each API.

Other Apps (greyed out icons in the administration UI) will follow soon.

To keep yourself updated about umcoming releases and news you can use the subscribe function on the right hand side. 

If you got any question do not hesitate to get in contact.