Matrix Routing API : higher rate limits for simple matrix calculation

Rate limits are the number of requests per given time period a single API key can make. If those limits are exceeded, the error code ‘GENERAL_RATE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED’ is returned and further requests will temporarily be rejected.

The matrix routing calculation is a complex process whose performance varies depending on multiple factors such as the number of input origins and destinations, their geographical distribution, or the information to be retrieved (e.g. toll cost per relation).

However, for use-cases where it is sufficient to compute small to medium-sized matrices returning distances and/or travel times, the synchronous calculateMatrix method of the PTV Developer Matrix Routing API performs very well. Since this method is currently limited to 250,000 matrix relations per request and does not support toll price calculation, its rates limits have been extended to 500 requests per minute and per API key (instead of 20), from now on. This allows you to increase the frequency of simple matrix calculations.

Please note that the request limits, the transaction calculation, as well as the rate limits for the asynchronous startMatrixCalculation method remain unchanged.     

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