Include or exclude off-road segments in your optimization

Some locations may not be directly adjacent to a public, cartographed road. For instance rural addresses with long driveways or large industrial sites. To account for this, the segment between the public road and the location is added to the route. 

The distance is calculated from the closest road or, if available, from the roadAccess objectThe latter allows you to define custom coordinates that serve as a access point for vehicles, such as a front gate or the beginning of a driveway. 

For cases, where the distance from curb to building should not be included, locations we now have the includeLastMeters flag. By setting this parameter to false, the segment is removed.

This feature is available in Route Optimization API V1.10.1 and Sequence Optimization API V1.7.1. For more information, check out the location concept pages for Route Optimization and Sequence Optimization.

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By Philip Frank

Hi! I'm one of the Product Owners for the Route Optimization and Sequence Optimization APIs at PTV Logistics.