• Block roads individually

    Long awaited and here it is! From now on you will have the possibility to block roads according to your individual needs with custom road attribute scenarios. A typical use case would be to take into account short-term roadworks on one of the roads you use every day and this information is not currently available in the map data.

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  • Two shades of toll distance


    With the Routing API you can get detailed information about toll costs, sections and systems on your route (see the toll roads on the right). Thereby a toll section represents a part of the route for which toll has to be paid. The length of a section is defined by the toll operator and we provide this information in the response parameter ‘officialDistance’.…

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  • Already tired? Use the work logbook!

    As you probably know you can consider driving time regulations for EU and US in our routing like break and rest rules for heavy goods vehicles. Up to now we assumed a well rested driver at the start of the route.

    In the new version of the PTV Developer Routing API V1.18.0 it is possible to include the already conducted work of the driver from a previous route.…

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  • Generated clients

    All PTV Developer APIs are specified as OpenAPI document. The big advantage of this specification is that you can generate client classes in various languages as described in this tutorial. Using client classes makes it easier and more convenient to integrate the API into an existing programming environment.…

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  • Developer Postman Collections

    In one of our tutorials we show how to import the OpenAPI specifications of the PTV Developer APIs in Postman. Then you are able to quickly test the different services by sending requests and analyzing the responses.

    Moreover, for some PTV Developer APIs we now provide specific Postman collections.…

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  • Traffic along the route?

    Some time ago we introduced traffic events chronologically along the route in the event list. In the new version of the PTV Developer Routing API V1.16.0 we also provide the polylines of the affected route parts by using the new parameter ‘TRAFFIC_EVENTS_POLYLINE’. Then the response contains the polyline of each traffic event reached by the route.…

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