Once again too late…

Today the traffic load is more or less the same as before the coronavirus pandemic and so are traffic jams. In order to estimate the impact of the current traffic situation on a route, we offer in the new version of the PTV Developer Routing API V1.8.0 the response parameter ‘trafficDelay’ for the complete route, leg or alternative route.

Therefore we compare the travel time with and without live traffic on the same route. That means the delay contains the time that it takes longer to pass the traffic jams than usually at that time (see concept). Just play around with the corresponding code sample!

Please note that in case of a calculated detour because of traffic jams this is not considered in the parameter ‘trafficDelay’, except there is also a traffic jam on the detour. To get the whole impact of the current traffic situation, you need two requests (one with traffic mode ‘REALISTIC’ and one with ‘AVERAGE’). 

In a next step we plan to deliver traffic events chronologically along the route. Than you know exactly where and why there is a delay.

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