Calculation of service times enlarged

The new version V1.7.0 of the PTV Developer Sequence Optimization API is now available!

Service time calculation is an important part of time profile calculation. It models the time, which the driver needs to serve transports at a route stop. One component is the service time, which directly is dependent of the quantity of the loaded or unloaded goods. That’s, what was already available by the fields pickupServiceTime resp. deliveryServiceTime.

New functionality is about to consider location-dependent service times, which are independent from the quantity of goods.  The location-dependent service time represents, for example, the time to enter the premises or to register at a customer.

Therefore new fields ‘serviceTimePerTransportStop’ to customerLocationAttributes and ‘serviceTimePerPickupStop’ and ‘serviceTimePerDeliveryStop’ to a new depotLocationAttributes object are available. Additionally this means, that for depot locations the service time at a start depot can be set differently from the service time at an end depot. Intereting for whose, who have a huge fixed service time at the beginning of a trip, but only a small fixed service time at the end, e.g. to hand over backhauls.

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