Loading Space Optimization API : How to visualize the bin packing results in 3D

The PTV Developer Loading Space Optimization API allows to optimize the way to arrange goods into one or several bins, in order to spare some loading meters, or to facilitate the unloading of items at stops. 

Our new tutorial illustrates how simple it is, by mean of the three.js library, to display the results of the bin packing operations so as to easily visualize in 3D the suggested packing for each bin, as well as detailed or global KPIs like the number of used bins or the number of packed items.

Please also have a look at our technical concept pages if you want to know more information about bins and items , orientation and stackability, or sequencing constraints. Moreover, our multiple code samples can also help you on advanced features : defining allowed orientation per item, setting stacking restrictions between different types of items and much more. 

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