New data for the EWS Road Distance API

The EWS (“Entfernungswerk Strasse”) mainly consists of precalculated truck distances to quickly access them for different use cases like invoice auditing. Up to now, we provided data versions for the years 2017 to 2022.

In the new version of the PTV Developer EWS Road Distance API V1.3.0 you even have the possibility to use all data from 2016 onwards. And as the new year just started, we also added data version 2023.

The new data for 2023 has been fundamentally revised and offers more detailed content. The reference locations were checked, and their number was significantly increased (region EUROPE now with more than 14,000 and region GERMANY with more than 10,000 reference locations). In addition, toll distances for trucks in Austria take international routes into account.

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