The future of Urban Logistics

We are excited to announce the launch of our new OpenStreetMap (OSM) services in PTV Developer!

AI generated e-cargo bike

These services are designed to meet the growing demands of urban logistics, particularly with the integration of cargo bikes. Cargo bikes play a vital role in urban logistics since they are easily navigating through dense areas and offer a sustainable, cost-effective solution for last-mile deliveries. This importance is reflected by over 235,250 cargo bikes sold only in Germany in the year 2023, with 189,000 of them being e-cargo bikes. Compared to 2022, this represents a 10.5% increase in cargo bike sales and even a 14.5% increase in e-cargo bike sales. The German Bicycle Industry Association (ZIV) reports these figures, showing a clear trend towards e-cargo bikes. 

Various political measures and initiatives (e.g. EU Green Deal, CIVITAS Initiative) to promote sustainable urban mobility in the European Union also emphasises the importance of using cargo bikes in urban logistics.

With our new OSM services, we offer our users an accurate geocoding, mapping, routing and optimization solution crucial for modern urban route planning.

OpenStreetMap – Wikipedia

Our New OSM Services are:

Our OSM offer provides a complementary solution to our standard PTV services which is utilizing the power of the community, especially in metropolitan areas, by exploiting the constantly growing number of bike-relevant tags in OSM. The evolution of these tags (e.g. highway=cycleway) over the last years also reflects the increasing focus on cycling infrastructure and logistics in urban areas all around the globe and in particular in Europe.

We initially offer a set of predefined vehicle profiles which are specifically designed for targeting urban logistics use cases involving truck, car, a simple delivery bike, and an e-cargo bike

To try out our first version with our OSM showcase integrating several of our OSM services. Take a look at the concepts or use the various code samples and detailed API specifications.

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