New emission factors for ISO 14083

Emission reporting is vital for tracking and reducing greenhouse gases, supporting regulatory compliance and building trust with stakeholders. With the Routing API of PTV Developer you can choose between several standards (ISO 14083, EN 16258, French CO2e Decree) depending on your needs. You will find more details to this topic in our emissions concept.

In the new version of the PTV Developer Routing API V1.27.0 we provide new emission factors for ISO 14083. Although this standard lists fixed emission factors, it emphasizes the need to always use the most up-to-date data. In Europe, these factors are provided by the Ecoinvent model and in the USA by the GREET model. Both models have recently been updated.

To ensure that customers always use the correct data, we simplified the PTV Developer Routing API by summarizing all options to report emissions in the new parameter ’emissionOptions’. Besides the available standards mentioned above, this includes the different versions for ISO 14083. Please note that the parameter ’emissionOptions’ supersedes the emission-related values in the parameter ‘results’.

To compare the different standards and versions in a straightforward way, use the updated code sample or tutorial and explore the corresponding emission results.

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