New vehicle profiles for TLN (preview)

The properties of a vehicle, such as height or weight, are stored in a profile. Up to now we offer 6 predefined profiles from car to truck for Europe and several more for other continents as a simple entry for all routing-related services.

With the new version of the PTV Developer Data API V1.9.1 we added 4 vehicle profiles for TLN (Transport en Logistiek Nederland) in Europe:

  • TLN truck 40t (heavy goods vehicle)
  • TLN truck 20t (light goods vehicle)
  • TLN truck 11.99t (city distribution vehicle)
  • TLN van (delivery van)

Please note that the TLN specific profiles are at the moment in a preview state and changes could be introduced in future. But you are invited to get a first impression by using them! For that we extended several code samples, tutorials and showcases by the TLN profiles.

You can use the new vehicle profiles in these routing-related services:

  • Routing API
  • Matrix Routing API
  • Route and Sequence Optimization API

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