• Olympic Games showcase: security perimeters now available!

    The Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 will begin soon! As mentioned in a previous blog post, this major event will significantly affect urban logistics in Paris and its area for more than 2 months.

    For safety reasons, the authorities defined security perimeters (categorized by colors) around the competition venues.…

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  • New vehicle profiles for TLN (preview)

    The properties of a vehicle, such as height or weight, are stored in a profile. Up to now we offer 6 predefined profiles from car to truck for Europe and several more for other continents as a simple entry for all routing-related services.

    With the new version of the PTV Developer Data API V1.9.1 we added 4 vehicle profiles for TLN (Transport en Logistiek Nederland) in Europe:

    • TLN truck 40t (heavy goods vehicle)
    • TLN truck 20t (light goods vehicle)
    • TLN truck 11.99t (city distribution vehicle)
    • TLN van (delivery van)

    Please note that the TLN specific profiles are at the moment in a preview state and changes could be introduced in future.…

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  • Electric Vehicles in Routing (preview)

    Incorporating electric vehicles (EVs) into your logistics solutions is no longer just an option – it’s more and more a necessity. We enhanced the PTV Developer Routing API to also cover specialized routing needs for electric trucks and vans.

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  • Custom Road Attributes scenario for Olympic Games

    Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in Paris in Summer 2024. As a result, traffic in the Ile de France region will be sensitively disturbed for more than 2 months. To facilitate access to the Olympic sites for accredited persons, emergency and security vehicles, taxis, public transports as well as transport for mobility-impaired, the French government decided to reserve some lanes on approximately 185 km of roads, from the 1st of July to the 15th of September 2024.…

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  • Reduce speeds in the map data

    With custom road attributes you have the possibility to modify attributes of roads in the map data to your individual needs (e.g. to consider short-term roadworks on a daily used road and currently not available in the map data). Please note that such changes are relevant for routing and apply to all vehicle profiles.

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  • Block roads individually

    Long awaited and here it is! From now on you will have the possibility to block roads according to your individual needs with custom road attribute scenarios. A typical use case would be to take into account short-term roadworks on one of the roads you use every day and this information is not currently available in the map data.

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