Custom Road Attributes scenario for Olympic Games

Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in Paris in Summer 2024. As a result, traffic in the Ile de France region will be sensitively disturbed for more than 2 months. To facilitate access to the Olympic sites for accredited persons, emergency and security vehicles, taxis, public transports as well as transport for mobility-impaired, the French government decided to reserve some lanes on approximately 185 km of roads, from the 1st of July to the 15th of September 2024. During this period, these reserved lanes cannot be used without authorization.

This is a typical example where the Custom Road Attributes can help you to anticipate the impact on your routes when such an event is scheduled, by capturing in advance any planned restrictions that could impact your daily logistics.

To illustrate this capability, the roads listed in the Decree n°2022-786 have been captured in a Custom Road Attributes test scenario, using the Data API V1.7.0. Thanks to its integration in a new showcase, you can now visualize these temporary restrictions on the map and check whether they may affect your own routes. In addition, the showcase proposes alternative routes that avoid roads with reserved lanes.

Like any other shared Custom Road Attribute scenario, the Olympic Games scenario can be integrated into other test applications, and can be combined in Routing API V1.22.0 requests with other scenarios created by PTV Developer users.

To learn how to create and use such a scenario, please take a look at the Custom Road Attributes concept page for more details.

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