Choose a ferry, but which one?

Ferries and rail shuttles (so called combined transports) are automatically used on a route, if it is advantageous compared to road. Sometimes you want to choose a specific ferry or rail shuttle connection. Therefore you have to specify in the Routing API the corresponding start and destination coordinates and the nearest port or station is used on the route. But how to get the exact coordinates, for example in large ports with many ferry lines?

In the new method ‘getCombinedTransports’ of the PTV Developer Data API V1.10.0 you provide a coordinate (for example a point on a map) and you get a list of nearby combined transports with information like name, duration or allowed vehicles. Choose one and use the also available exact coordinates for calculating routes in the Routing API.

To get a good impression about the new feature, just play around with the corresponding code sample!

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