Olympic Games showcase: security perimeters now available!

The Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024 will begin soon! As mentioned in a previous blog post, this major event will significantly affect urban logistics in Paris and its area for more than 2 months.

For safety reasons, the authorities defined security perimeters (categorized by colors) around the competition venues. While blue zones are essentially no-transit areas, red zones are prohibited to motorized vehicles (unless specially authorized with an appropriate QR-code). Therefore red zones could somehow be considered alike pedestrian areas. Both blue and red zones will be time-dependent: each day of competition, they will be activated 2h30 before the start of the first event of the day, and deactivated 1h after the last event of the day.   

A few months ago, a PTV Developer showcase was implemented to illustrate how Custom Road Attributes could be used with Data API to model traffic restrictions which are not – or not yet – available in the standard map data. It also shows how these restrictions can be taken into account in Routing API and combined with statistical and real-time traffic (i.e. using the Realistic Traffic Mode) to estimate their impact on routes. The focus was initially given to the road sections with “Olympic Lanes”, as previously defined by Decree.

From now on, the Custom Road Attributes scenario is extended by integrating blue and red security perimeters as well. Depending on the date and time selected, the relevant zones are displayed in the showcase, and are considered when calculating a route. The user still has the possibility to select several waypoints and one of the many predefined vehicle types. In addition, the modeling of roads with Olympic Lanes is refined and the showcase made more user-friendly.

Do not hesitate to test this free and experimental showcase

To learn how to create and use such a scenario, please take a look at the Custom Road Attributes concept page for more details.

More information about the security perimeters can also be found here.

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